20 Funny Pics Unfolding Sweetness And Sourness Of Being A Parent

They are funny because they are true. It is no surprise that having a kid changes you. It may not be obvious at first, but parents will slowly realize their lives have been turned upside down. They have become the kind of mommy and daddy they never thought they would. Giving birth to kids and raising them are never easy. From a stomach-kicking fetus to a newborn crying all night with wet diapers, from a naughty toddler to a stubborn teenager, it is an exciting yet long, exhausting journey that only people with love can endure and enjoy.
Parenthood includes priceless awards but doesn’t exclude sourness. Moms and dads are charmed by their babies’ angelic smiles. However, those babies can turn into little demonic beasts and blow their parents’ minds right away. Just like the weather with sunny and rainy days, parenthood has sweetness and sourness. It is the most beautiful thing in the human race.
We have chosen several hilarious pics showing the sweet and sour moments of being a parent that we believe can bring you joy whether you are a parent or not. Have a good time!

#1. “My little man had some spaghetti and almost went comatose.”

Parent's LifeSource: © TheBioboostedArmor

#2. “My wife recently took this photo of my daughter and me sleeping the same exact way. No DNA test needed.”

Parent's LifeSource: © hacobjickl

#3. “My twins turned 2 today. I guess they’re not as stoked about the milestone as mom and I are.”

Parent's LifeSource: © m_hutcheson

#4. “My daughter when I’m working in the basement”

Source: © andyrine

#5. Kids are so funny, man. Drop off vs pick up…

Parent's LifeSource: © BeeWhyAreDee

#6. “How my wife dressed our daughter the day after the teachers told her we should be dressing her more like a girl”

Source: © steverold

#7. “When your little one isn’t the little one anymore”

Parent's LifeSource: © lurkin_like_a_boss

#8. “My son thought it would be funny to put his toy in front of the baby monitor.”

Source: © Iwillpaytheway

#9. “They would all scream for food at once so this is the best thing I came up with to do 3 bottles simultaneously.”

Parent's LifeSource: © Wabbastang

#10. “Me at home with my 3 kids all weekend”

Parent's LifeSource: © Limewire-

#11. “I canceled a call mid-presentation because my 9-year-old told me the water was running all over her bathroom floor.”

Source: © Mahhhbster27

#12. Cooking with a baby, a short story…

Parent's LifeSource: © mazurati

#13. “Our daughter recently turned one year old. I had to give my wife credit where credit was due.”

Source: © John_McCuddles

#14. “My little girl tasted the rainbow and it didn’t go over well.”

Parent's LifeSource: © October23rd2077

#15. “Had a big chuckle at this photo my wife snapped of our 3.5-week-old daughter and me during our match.”

Source: © dezmo1218

#16. “I love that anytime I’m nearby she has to have some kind of contact with me.”

Parent's LifeSource: © HeyJoe459

#17. “First time seeing our beautiful baby boy — I think he was as shocked as we were.”

Source: © cowboyzzzzNQ

#18. “Found him like this earlier this morning. Poor little legs are deflated.”

Source: © Spurt_reynolds_

#19. “My daughter insists on wearing my socks, but only the ones that have her face all over them.”

Parent's LifeSource: © JohnnyEvs

#20. It Doesn’t Take Long For Them To Go From Cute To Crushing

Parent's LifeSource: gottoddlered

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