86-Year-Old Actor Morgan Freeman Explains Why He Always Wears Gold Earrings

Despite worldwide fame and countless roles, Morgan Freeman remains a mysterious figure. A native of Memphis, Tennessee, he is known not only for his unparalleled acting talent and distinctive voice but also for his style. The 86-year-old actor has explained why he always wears gold earrings.

In his youth, the actor began to emulate the style of his idols. However, his path to fame was challenging, and it wasn’t until he was 49 that Morgan achieved success by playing Fast Black in the 1987 film “Street Smart.”

After landing this role, Freeman immediately established himself as one of the most talented actors in Hollywood and won an Oscar in 2005.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the fortune of the star of blockbusters such as “Bruce Almighty,” “The Dark Knight,” and “Deep Impact” is estimated at $250 million, but Morgan has never changed his legendary gold earrings.

“I started sailing in 1967. I have been fascinated by the sea ever since I read ‘Moby Dick’ as a child. That summer, I set a goal to learn how to sail a boat, and for the next 50 years, I honed my skills,” Freeman shared.

In 2019, the actor wrote on his social media page, “These earrings. I am constantly asked about them. They are worth enough to pay for a coffin if I die far from home. That’s why sailors wore them, and I wear them too.”

According to him, sailing is an effective remedy against star sickness. He often sails the waves near Long Island, Cape Cod, Block and Elizabeth Islands, as well as off the coast of Maine and the Canadian Yarmouth.

“I’m a dedicated sailor,” Freeman stated.

In 2010, he mentioned that his style was initially influenced by a pirate movie with Burt Lancaster, who wore an earring.

“I thought it was sexy. Then I learned that sailors wore gold earrings to pay for funerals in case of death in foreign countries. I’m a sailor, so it all clicked.”

Freeman’s story didn’t go unnoticed, and fans shared their speculations.

“Freeman is worried he’ll be buried in a foreign country? He probably wears earrings because he thinks it looks cooler,” one Reddit user wrote.

Another reminded, “Even the ancient Greeks placed coins on the eyes of the deceased to pay Charon, the ferryman, and guide the soul across the River Styx to the realm of Hades.”

“I always knew he was a pirate at heart,” a third person believed.

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