According to Reports, Camila Redesigned Diana’s $129K Jewelry Wedding Gift That She Had Worn Close to Her Heart

The Royal fans seem like they won’t stop keeping a close eye on Camilla Shand, The Duchess of Cornwall who’s currently undergoing a backlash for redesigning one of Princess Diana’s most treasured assets.

One of the most controversial royal marriages should be that of The Prince of Wales, Prince Charles, and his late ex-wife, Princess Diana. Their 15 years of marriage from the beginning never seemed like it was going to be loved as Prince Charles was seeing someone else before getting married to Princess Diana.

It didn’t take long for their marriage to come to an end and it was tied to Charles’s affair with Camilla Shand.

Camilla Shand met the prince in 1970 and Prince Charles wanted them to tie the knot but they couldn’t as Camilla was not “virginal” enough and didn’t have an aristocrat bloodline either.

Two days before Princess Diana and Prince Charles got married he gave his longtime best love a gift, a beautiful bracelet. It was no surprise to princess Diana as she has gotten wind of the golden chain bracelet purchased by Prince Charles.

An inscription “G and F” was on the jewelry and that was Gladys and Fred, Camilla Shand, and Charles’ nickname.

When she finally saw the jewelry she was hurt beyond words.

Princess Diana at a state banquet, during the Italian state visit to the UK, in London, October 25, 1990 in London | Source: Getty Images
“I was devastated. He’d found the virgin, the sacrificial lamb, and in a way, he was obsessed with me. But it was hot and cold, hot and cold.”

Diana went on to tell her sisters about her findings saying she didn’t want to go ahead with the wedding.

Princess Diana explained, “So I went upstairs, had lunch with my sisters who were there and said: ‘I can’t marry him, I can’t do this, this is unbelievable.”

They got married amidst everything that has happened two days later

One of her wedding gifts was a stunning diamond brooch she received from Queen Elizabeth II. It’sKnown as “Prince of Wales’ Feathers Brooch.”

After Princess Diana’s death, the piece was returned to the original owner, not until 2005, did Camilla Shand got married to Prince Charles and was given the same gift as Princess Diana.

It was shocking to the public when they found out and it generated a lot of dust as Camilla went ahead to redesign the jewelry.

“The notion of Camilla wearing a sparkling emerald and diamond brooch that once rested gracefully as a pendant on Diana’s skin and close to her heart does feel somewhat jarring when you think that many years ago Camilla was Diana’s husband’s lover.

And yet, this 158-year-old jewel does contain within it an undeniable link to Prince Charles, the man to whom both these women are inextricably linked, said Charlotte White, the Head of design at 77 diamonds.

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