Jennifer Garner loses it when Donny Osmond surprises her for her 50th birthday

The beautiful Jennifer Garner turned 50 on April 17. But the actress got to celebrate a little earlier when her childhood celebrity crush, Donny Osmond, decied to surprise her.

Garner shared the moment on Instagram where she was sitting in a restaurant watching a personalized video message on her phone from the 64-year-old Osmond.

She didn’t know that Osmond was coming up behind her.
Garner was emotional watching the video greeting but her day was about to get better when she heard, “Jennifer! It’s your birthday!”

Garner immediately stood up and hugged Osmond, holding back tears as the singer held a birthday cake that read“13 Going On 50! Love Donny!”

“My first (pre)birthday surprise was a doozy— the one and only, legend in his own time, object of my childhood adoration and devotion— @donnyosmond showed up to knock my purple socks off,” the “Alias” actress wrote in the video’s caption.

Osmond, smiling as he serenaded the beaming actress, joined her in an impromptu duet of some of his hits, including “Make the World Go Away.”

Garner sat next to the singer, smiling and enjoying every moment of her 50th.
“He took an hour and a half of his day to sit with me, sing my favorites, and to give me a master class on how to be a class act,” Garner wrote. “Thank you, Donny.”

Osmond’s former onstage partner and sister, Marie, and his wife, Debbie, also received a shout out from Garner.
Osmond shared Garner’s video on his own Instagram page with a message of his own, which included an invitation.

“Surprising fans is one of my favorite things to do, so when I had the opportunity to surprise the lovely @jennifer.garner for her 50th birthday, I was overjoyed,” the singer wrote. “Thanks for letting me celebrate with you! Next time you’re in Vegas, come see me at @harrahsvegas so you can be my special guest on stage.”

Greetings and well wishes poured in.
“I seriously think this is the best surprise that could ever be! The joy!!!” Rita Wilson said.

“This is unreal,” wrote Gwyneth Paltrow.

Garner’s Instagram is full of positive vibes. She has pretend cooking shows, and even suggestions of how people can give back to the community.

Garner is proof that even celebrities are not immune to celebrity crushes and fan girl moments.

The “Donny & Marie” show was super popular in America during the late 1970s. Osmond was a famous a teen heartthrob with thousands of adoring female fans all over the world.

And that included Garner.

When she wanted to become an actress, she had to get a job to get by.

That’s just an awesome way of celebrating your 50th! Happy birthday Jennifer Garner!

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