Laura Dern Opens Up About Strong Bond with Taylor Swift: “I Love and Admire Her So Much, She’s Amazing”

The star of Jurassic Park, who is 56 years old, talked to PEOPLE about being friends with Taylor Swift. They became friends when the star appeared in Taylor Swift’s music video for the song “Bejeweled” in 2022.

Dern said, “It’s one of my deep friendships, and I love and admire her so much.” She thinks Taylor Swift is amazing and a superpower in the creative world.

When asked if being in the music video helped her gain more fans among Swift’s fans (Swifties), Dern said she wasn’t sure, but she’d gladly accept it.

In the “Bejeweled” music video, Dern played Swift’s evil stepmother, and the Haim sisters were the stepsisters. Swift described it as a twist on a Cinderella story.

Swift shared on The Tonight Show that she convinced Dern to join the video by creating a script where Dern could call her a “tired, tacky wench.” Dern confirmed this in an interview, saying that the line convinced her to agree.

Dern mentioned in another interview that working with Swift was amazing, and she was excited about Swift’s success. They’ve been seen having dinner together in New York City.

Dern said in a November interview with USA Today that she didn’t expect to meet a lifelong friend while working with Swift, and it was a great honor to know her.

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