Look Closer, The Photographer Was Not Expecting This Photo

Relf Sisters: Alabama Parents Deceived Into Having Young Daughters Sterilized (1973)

“America has always viewed unregulated #Black reproduction as dangerous. For three centuries, Black mothers have been thought to pass down to their offspring the traits that marked them as inferior to any white person. Along with this biological impairment, it is believed that Black mothers transfer a deviant lifestyle to their children that …

kimberly said:

I cant believe i didnt roller skate down the isle. Im a life long skater including figure skating

puffpuff420pass said:

This is what happens when you have the ability to make somewhat decent content and just shove out crap instead because you ate one too many paint chips as a child.

devili7y585 said:

Legends, we need a name for very serious studies


Source: lifepress.info

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