New York Woman, Magda Castillo, Reunited With $5,000 Hidden In Discarded Refrigerator

LOOK: Woman Recovers Savings From Discarded Refrigerator

Where would we be without the good will of strangers?

One New York woman would have lost her life savings.

Magda Castillo of Queens, NY, had stored a bundle of cash — $5,020, according to the New York Daily News — in the door of an old refrigerator.

“I live alone, and to me, that’s the best place to put my money,” she told the news source.

It looked like a safe enough place until last Wednesday, when her husband took the fridge to a recycling center with the money still inside, NY1 reports.

Castillo realized her mistake later that evening and paid a visit to Atlantic Recycling the next day to recover the money, but to no avail. It wasn’t until after she left, disheartened, that employee Mike Downer was able to locate the refrigerator and recover the cash.

Because Castillo left without leaving her information, the workers spread word through the media that they had found her money. NY1’s coverage alerted her family, and Castillo was reunited with her savings on Tuesday.

money fridge

“If somebody loses something, if you can help them, help them,” Downer told NY1. “It doesn’t cost me anything to help her find her money, so it was just the right thing to do.”

Last month, an unemployed teacher in Texas discovered $20,000 in a Chase Bank bag on the side of the road and returned the entire amount.

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