Single Dad Adopts Sick and Starving Boy — He Becomes an Olympian 21 Years Later

Jerry Windle simply wanted to raise a child, even though he was a single gay man. When he adopted Jordan in Cambodia, he had no idea that his son would become a global inspiration.

About two decades ago, Jerry Windle was a single man in his mid-30s whose life had been going through turmoil. His mother had passed away, so he decided to make a career change and move to Florida from California.

He had wanted to become a father for many years. He had been trying to adopt a child, but the opportunities to adopt, especially as a single, gay man, were very few. He casually browsed through a magazine article while waiting at the doctor’s office in Florida, changing his life forever.

Despite the difficulties he had experienced trying to adopt, the magazine article describing another single gay man’s Cambodia adoption story reignited lost hope.

Jerry’s Journey to Fatherhood

Jerry quickly contacted a Cambodian orphanage, and an agency sent through a picture of a little boy named Pisey, which meant “little darling” in Cambodian. The hopeful man knew that little child would be his son.

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