This Is How the Actors From “Twilight” Look Years After the Movie’s Release

Today there is no doubt that the Twilight saga, a series of 5 films based on Stephenie Meyer’s books, has been a complete success. Millions of young people and teenagers followed the adventures of these vampires with every new installment and fell in love with them. Now, time has passed and each of the actors has chosen a different path.

Bright Side wanted to know what has become of them, what they have been up to over the years and what the most famous vampires look like today.

1. Kristen Stewart

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Although Stewart began her acting career when she was just 12 (she was Jodie Foster’s daughter in Panic Room), it wasn’t until she starred in the Twilight saga that she became famous worldwide. Her character, Bella Swan, falls in love with a vampire, Edward Cullen, who was played by Robert Pattinson. Later on, the romance became true in real life, which drove her fans crazy.

Despite owning her success to the saga, she didn’t limit herself to the stereotype of the typical Hollywood “pretty girl.” Her punk/chic style and her preference for independent films like Woody Allen’s Café Society or Seberg made her become more of an alternative yet engaging actress. Moving away from her girl-next-door reputation might have been controversial at first, but in a way, she seemed to have enjoyed the change after all.

2. Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson began his career as an actor at the age of 15 in the London Theatre Club and was already known as an actor when he was cast in Twilight. Still, it’s pretty clear that his success came with the saga: it was during that time that Time Magazine and Forbes included him among the most influential and best-paid actors in the world.

True to his original vocation, after Twilight, he dodged a few big-budget films and chose to play more dynamic characters (think of Cosmopolis) in more controversial genres like thriller and science fiction. Pattinson is also a musician, and in 2015 he held campaigns to protect children’s rights. He’s planning on coming back to the world of blockbusters with director Matt Reeve in The Batman, planning to be released in 2021.

3. Billy Burke

Burke was far from being a stranger to film: he appeared in 24Gilmore Girls, and Fringe before Twilight came along. During this time he played the wolf in Red Riding Hood and Miles Matheson, a leading character in the science fiction series Revolution. Then after the end of the saga, he played in the horror film Lights Go Out and today in the action series 9-1-1: Lone Star. Before becoming an actor, Burke was a musician. By the age of 15 he had already been part of a band and moved to L.A. after striking a deal with a record company.

4. Sarah Clarke

Before becoming Renée, Bella Swan’s unpredictable mother, Clarke shared the stage with Billy Burke in 24, where she was cast as Nina Myers. That’s pretty far from her screen debut, which was a Volkswagen commercial called Synchronicity. While filming the different installments, she ventured into the world of crime and espionage with Covert Affairs and she currently has a role in Bosch, a detective fiction.

5. Justin Chon

In the saga, Chon played Eric Yorkie, Bella’s classmate. He became well-known after playing Peter Wu in Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior. After Twilight he starred in Revenge of the Green Dragons, produced by Martin Scorsese, and in other independent films. In 2018 he joined the detective series Deception.

But Chon is much more than just your average actor. He started writing and directing in 2015, and one of his films, Gook, has received a number of awards, including one for best director. He also hosts a YouTube channel and is a member of BgA, a K-pop parody band. As if that wasn’t enough, he co-owns a chain of clothing stores in California.


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