When a toddler hears his favorite Elvis song, he rushes to the dance floor, making the King PROUD.

William, 2, surprised his parents when he ran out into the center of a dance floor to bust a move.

The two-year-old stole the show with an impromptu dance to the beat of Jailhouse Rock, Elvis Presley’s favorite rock song.

Watch the toddler’s music-synchronized actions, but wait for the conclusion because you will be shocked at what he accomplishes!

So, where did William find inspiration? His family is associated with Studie43, which is a dancing studio. Based on this incredible dance, this kid has a bright future in the dance and entertainment industries. At the very least, he’ll never be short of a dance partner. He’s just too adorable. Who could possibly say no?

He’s adorable, and there’s nothing wrong with letting your kids dance. He’s only two years old and is entitled to express himself, and I say! He’s doing an excellent job. I like how he takes a bow and stands there for a few seconds, basking in his followers’ admiration. He has talent and charm!

Watch Tiny Willam’s spectacular dancing show and spread the word about his touching performance. This little dancer will make everyone happy.

Not to be outdone, this young lady performs her best Aretha Franklin routine:

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