Woman with world’s longest nails shares horrifying story of how she lost them

Lee Redmond held the Guinness World Record for the world’s longest fingernails on a woman, growing them since 1979, totaling 8.65 meters. She considered it a personal challenge, saying, “It’s strange how they become part of you.” Tragically, a car crash ended her record-breaking journey when her nails were ripped off.

She recalled the accident, stating, “The first thing I spotted was a fingernail, and I started crying.” Her shattered nails are now kept as a reminder of her Guinness fame. Lee admitted, “I felt I had lost part of that.”

Although she no longer holds the current record, she looks back on her time with pride. Her long nails presented challenges, like using airplane restrooms, which she solved by fasting before flights. Despite the difficulties, Lee managed daily tasks, cared for her grandchildren, did the dishes, and even wrote using special pencils. Her response to the most common question about her nails: “Carefully.”

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